About Us

Piggy’s was founded in 2019 – operating as a woman-owned home base solution that satisfied customer needs by repairing their devices (e.g., phones, laptops, computers, tablets, game consoles, and more). In 2021, Piggy’s became a partnership with a storefront located in The Bronx. Since then, our devotion to educating the youth has landed us contracts with institutions such as Children Of Promise (children with incarcerated parents), and Children’s Aid Society (young adults in foster care). Our courses have also been incorporated through their STEM programs, teaching students from ages 9 -18.


We are not here just to make a living. We are here to make a difference!  Our team is on a mission to  revolutionize the way our are being education in technology. We promise to remain innovative and dedicated to our community. 

who we are


To uplift and support our neighborhood

Build relationships and gain trust through education and engagement

Remain innovative and impactful

Founder & Lead Instructor

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